Art of Vidding 


How it Works.

Welcome to our third Best of the Best round.

 NOMINATIONS  - These are chosen from all category  winners from the last six normal rounds  (Rounds 13 through 19).   We also have  selected a few 'Wild Cards' which are chosen by the judges  from RU's, Judge's Choices and Special Awards of Merit.   To see the nominations click the link to the left or above.  If you have any difficulty downloading/viewing  the vids please leave a message on the tag board.  For this round we will accept replacement streaming links  if  your old download link has expired.  If you wish to remove any of your entries or change links please contact the judges.

JUDGING - All categories will be judged by us and have a Viewers choice' poll   There will be winners and RU awards in each category.  Polls are now open for voting. Please feel free to use the Banners  below to promote this round on your site, LJ, tumblr or other social networks/ forums. If anyone would like a personalized banner with their vidding name rather than one of the generic ones  below please leave a tag.

DURATION - I would expect us to take at  least  6 weeks from the publishing of nominations to announcing the winners. Polls are open now until 20 May 2012 and you should only vote once in each category. There will be updates of our progress .


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