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Welcome to 'Art of Vidding' My site where you can download or watch my fanvids and take part in regular Vidding Contests.   

I've been vidding  since August 2004 and  find it highly enjoyable, addictive even.  Self taught, I began by editing just  whedonverse shows  but  have now moved on to films  and other TV shows .  All the early vids were edited using Windows Movie Maker through to January 2009. After then I have been using ULEAD 11 and on occasions Adobe Premiere Pro.   If you wish to leave feedback please use the tagboard  or you may use the contact me mail address.

 I do this for fun and not profit,  I do not own any of the images  or copyrights; songs are copyrighted to their associated band and record label.    Most  vids are now streamed at Vidders Net/ Vimeo/YouTube and other hosting sites.You can watch them there or if you prefer , download one of the versions available. To download right click on title  and 'Save target as' only please - All files are zipped.   The  stream quality won't be quite as good as download and it's best to wait for the vid to buffer before watching. 

 Please do NOT hotlink to any image or video on this site, or use the clips from my videos. Also please do not host , redistribute  or upload videos without permission. Thank you.

Updates :  August 2020
Sadly we're still in this lockdown hell loop of the global pandemic but the first half of Season Five of Lucifer will be with us on 21st August,  New vid, simple recap of the show so far.

You should now be able to see all my Art works through the links, and most convention photos are now uploaded. Just a few left to do. Sadly the Lucifer Convention Lux2 was postponed in April so we will have to wait until the new dates are announced and  I hope to have photos then. This is now a  fandom Art and Vidding site , not just Art of Vidding.

Latest Vid  -Previously On - Lucifer 

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