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- A Multifandom Vidding contest -
 We  accept nominations from all TV, Movie, Animated & original  Source (normal rounds)

 After  six  normal  rounds, there will be a 'Best Of' round.


Round 20 Awards Posted
New Round Not Open yet- Hiatus


Cutting it fine, but the awards for Round 20 are now posted. Congratulations to all the winners  and please don't be disappointed if you didn't get an award this time. It doesn't mean we didn't enjoy your vid.   I don't  think we've ever   had so many entries  in contention for category or  main awards ( i.e. Editing and Video) here at the Art of Vidding.  All very different but deserving.   So that made it interesting to say the least.   The new Round is not open yet, however will  update shortly on when it will  run so please do not submit until  then.

Judging is just about complete.  Award making will start some time this week, so we still hope to have the results  announced by the end of the month. 

Happy New Year everyone!  Just a brief update. We are working on the category placings  at  the moment.  We may not have lots of entries this round but there are many great vids so  judging is   a challenge. Thanks  for your patience, I should hope to have awards posted by the end of the month latest.

Ok Round 20 is now closed for judging with 22 entries. Once the judges start viewing the vids we will have a better idea of when awards will be posted. I will update very soon. Please do not submit in the meantime as I will delete the entries.

Two more from Lilly_The _Kid and Valika. Thanks!  Alex I have emailed you regarding your entry .  Just one week left now to submit.

We 're now at 20  nominees - thanks Aislynn. Room for more,  so tell your friends!

Two more added to the nominees. Thanks ViDawn and TamiBrandt.  

Al little later than I had planned but I have now updated the submissions.  We have 17 so far but I'd like a few more before we close  on the 20th November.  We have our first real person (s) vid too so that's great. Just a reminder - it doesn't have to be a TV or film you can submit vids for musicians, celebrities or any subject  you fancy  just as long as the clips aren't stolen and it's not just images in a slide show.   Encourage any vidders you know who may like to submit. Thanks  
Two entries added to the Round. Thanks Sweetcrimefighter and Milly.   Keep telling  your friends to submit!

The first entries are now posted. Thank you to everyone who submitted - I forgot to add that if we get at least 3 vids based on the Marvel Universe (Films) we will have an extra category award. If anyone wants to alter their entry so that they are included please let me know.  Also a tag once you submit would be very helpful.  Feel free to pimp our return and the new Round  - and thanks for all the welcome back tags.

The end of a long hiatus  and Round 20  is now open for submissions. This  round will close on 20.11.12 or 30 vids whichever  we hit first. It's good to be back and hopefully we'll get submissions.  Please read the rules, spread the word, and submit!  

Both the  Viewers Choices and the Judges awards are now posted.  As there are so many they are spread over 4 pages in total. BOTB rounds are tricky as all the vids are excellent,  Andrea judged solo this round.  Congratulations to everyone and we are now on Hiatus.

Now that the Polls are closed,  the Viewers Choice Awards are all made and ready to be posted. Judging is to be finalized and then I will start on those banners.  I hope to have everything complete before the end of the month so fingers crossed.

  Our 3rd Best of The Best Round is now open - please click here for information and promotion codes. All the nominees  and Wildcard nominees  are now posted here.  We also have Viewers Choice Polls where you can vote for your favourites.   The polls will close on 20th May 2012 - feel free to promote your vids on your website/journal.

Awards for Round 19  are posted.  Spread over two pages here and here. Congratulations to all the winners - there were some stunning vids this round with some categories being fiercely competitive.  We are still closed while we prepare nominations , promotion codes and polls for our third Best of The Best Round. Check back in a couple of days when you can see if  you are shortlisted and pick up codes for voting in the  BOTB III.

Quick update - we finalized judging today and I will start making awards tonight. It's possible they will be posted either the end of March or April 1st. In the meantime please do not submit,  but if you are looking to take part in a vidding awards contest you could check out our new affiliate -  Kimberly who has just re-opened her Awards site 'Dreams and Memories'  after hiatus.  Click her button below

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