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These are  the categories that may be awarded during the normal Rounds. If the judges do not feel there are sufficient entries to the standard we expect in a category then we will not make an award that round.   Runner up awards may also be given from time to time and where the placing is very close there may also be Honorable Mentions.   Judges also reserve the right to create new categories as we see fit.  All entries that make it through the first phase of judging are  considered for the  Best Video &  Best Editing  awards. .Judge's Choice will be made from all entries and reflect the judge's personal preference. We will no longer give out Fandom based awards except during our Best Of rounds. or maybe Special Rounds.

Best Video

Best Editing

Best Drama

Best Music Use

Best Action

Best Angst

Best  Overview (representative of fandom)

Best Relationship (Conventional/Unconventional)

Best Character

Best POV

Most Humorous

Best Episodic

Best Ensemble

Best Alternative  (AU, Trailer, Crossovers, -we may give out any of these subcategories)

Best Narrative (Canon or AU )

Best Use of Special Effects (Quality/effectiveness not quantity) *

Award for Innovation

TV Award

Movie Award

Animation Award

Best Mood Piece

Judges Choice

Award of Merit.

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