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There are two permanent judges at the Art of Vidding Awards, hopefully from time to time we will be able to have guest judges taking part.

Name: Andrea (aka thedothatgirl)

Info:  50,  Lincoln, UK

About : Spends  her free time painting,  drawing ,  Vidding,  and   more money  than she wants to remember at  fan conventions.   Her heart is still firmly  in the Whedonverse but enjoys some of the new shows on the block .  Introduced to fan vids at the first convention in 2003 - became an avid watcher  progressing to having  a go  at editing  her own.  Eagerly anticipating the next phase of the fan vid journey with this Award Site.   

Sites:  Buffy and Angel Art ,  Art of Vidding


Name: Shona (aka Mara)

Info: 32, Glasgow, UK

About: Shona has been actively involved in fandom for more years than she cares to remember. She currently writes fanfiction, creates graphics and runs more websites than are good for her mental health. Her blurb and life are a work in progress.

Site: Moments Lost


Between us the judges are knowledgeable in the following  TV Fandoms: 
Alias,  Angel The Series,  Battlestar Galactica,  Bones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Castle, Chuck, Dark Angel, Deadwood, Dollhouse, Drive, Dr Horrible's Sing along Blog, Dr. Who, Due South, Firefly (Serenity), Game of Thrones, Glee, Grimm Heroes  House, Legend of The Seeker, Leverage,  Lost, Once Upon A Time , Pushing Daisies, Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles , SG-1, SGA, Sherlock, Sopranos,  Supernatural, The Wire,  Torchwood, True Blood,  Tru Calling,  Veronica Mars, West Wing , White Collar, Wonderfalls and the X-Files.   We also watch many more shows but perhaps not so familiar with them.

Andrea watches most movie genre's with exception of slasher  and torture porn movies such as Saw and Hostel.  She is also familiar with most animation - Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, Tim Burton, Family Guy & Simpsons plus most children's TV   -  except for anime where it would be nice to be enlightened.

If you want to ask us about a specific fandom then feel free to tag or use the contact button.

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