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Please familiarize yourselves with the rules before making your submission.

These rules apply for normal rounds only and may change for special rounds. New rule added 13.6.2011

1. Only one submission per vidder into the competition.   On occasions we may hold Special contests where more than one entry can be made,  details of which will be given in updates.

2..  Only submit your own work .  - DO NOT use clips from other vids. If  the submission is found to contain stolen clips it will be disqualified and you will not be permitted to take part in future rounds.

3.  Vids entered in previous rounds are not eligible for re-submission, unless it has been drastically remastered (more than approximately 30%) We may accept the resubmission of vids that have taken part in special theme rounds and did not win awards. If in doubt ask.

4.  All vids must be downloadable and URL must remain active throughout the judging process..  So no streaming only sites such as YouTube & PutFile.  If you are using a File download site anything but RapidShare please - if the download period expires before the judging is complete will contact you by email. 

5. If you have a website you must display a code (uploaded to your own server!) and link back to Codes are here. We will check and if no code is up when the round closes for judging your nomination will be removed. As  we are now multifandom if your favourite isn't shown I will make one on request. Please leave a tag.

6..  Judges will select categories after the first phase of judging is finished. For more information on how we judge please see the FAQ below. All vids that make it through to the second phase of judging are automatically entered into Best Editing & Best Video. Judges Choice is made from all nominations in the round.  

7. Graphic nudity/violence/profanity is acceptable but a warning should be made in the description (use the rating system such as PG etc)  so we can decide whether to skip breakfast before watching your vid.  Please note that torture-porn movies such as SAW and Hostel etc. are not going to be a big hit with Andrea.

8. At the end of your vid description please add the following to indicate you have read the rules   "We have a Hulk." This will change and move about each round.  I know this sounds silly,  but that way we are aware you have read the rules.  Any submission not including this phrase will not be counted. If you are submitting an AU (alternate universe) then please make sure you include this in the description. The AU's may not be obvious if we are unfamiliar with the fandom/movie.

9. Judges decision is final.   Every effort will be made to judge the submissions as objectively as possible  taking into consideration  technical skill in editing & careful use of any effects,  music/ clip  choices, concept and overall impact . Our own personal preferences will be reflected in the  Judges Choice awards.   Please upload your awards and codes to your own server - we take a very dim view of Hotlinking.

10. In the event that we post polls for special rounds, please feel free to promote your entry and if you want you may vote for yourself - just the once though. We don't want the poll results distorted by multiple voting by messing around with IP addresses. If we see any results that we feel are irregular, we shall discard those and disqualify the entry. 

That's all folks, so grab a code  and go ahead and submit.


What fandoms can I submit? - As of 16.05.09 The Art of Vidding Awards is now Multifandom. We will accept fan vids from TV Shows, Movies, Music Videos, Animation- if you are in any doubt whether we would accept your entry just tag or use the contact. Please bear in mind that the judges are not familiar with every single TV show or have seen every movie ever made - if your vid requires in depth fandom knowledge to fully appreciate nuances in narrative or clip context then you may wish to give a concise but brief description.  Well planned and skillfully edited vids will be able to stand on their own merits.  If you are curious as to which shows or movie genres the judges are familiar with check the Judge's page here.

How do you Judge the vids? - We do this in two phases, in a similar fashion to other awards sites. Once nominations are received we view all and assess them on an individual basis rather than in competition with other nominations. To make it through to the second phase the vid must

 - reflect basic editing skills such as where edits are made and the reason (an over-use of 'on beat' cutting can detract from the vid and rapid cuts may cause the judges to have seizures!), careful use of internal and external  motion.   Contain no stray frames, correct aspect ratio and where used properly edited  audio  (no source  music clashing ).

 - contain relevant clip choices, no 'fillers' and excessive slow motion. Clever &  insightful lyrical interpretation, not always the most literal.

 - show awareness to the pace and structure of the music, whether it suits the subject & mood  of the vid/fandom.

 - Use of special effects & transitions  that enhance rather than obscure or distract.

 - No excessive talky face scenes. Facial movements that tie into a sound in the music or good lip synching for comedic/dramatic effect are fine.

 - Contain a clear narrative or theme/mood to the vid. Not just a random string of clips of  your favourite character looking hot/cold or naked. (unless it's Dean or Xander or Lindsey.... - Shona)

 Once into the second phase we group them into the Categories as listed here. It is possible that not all categories will be awarded in a round, it really depends on the submissions we receive. However there should always be  Editing, Music Use and Best Video awards.

Winners and Runner Ups  will be chosen from each category and then we make the awards & write any reviews. 

Do you offer reviews? -  After Round 12 we will no longer be giving reviews due to time restrictions.

How long do the rounds last? - There is no longer a limit to the number of entries  in each round but a closing date will be posted when a round opens so that everyone is aware by when submissions must be made.  We expect to be able to post awards at the end of an ten week period.  On occasions we may hold submissions to allow catch up.

Can you hold a spot for me? -  Sorry, purely first come, first entered basis.   We have restricted the number of entries to just one per person in normal rounds to allow hopefully a wide a range of vidders as possible to take part.  And there is always next round.

Award of Merit  - Intense competition in certain rounds may mean that there are deserving submissions that do not win in their selected categories.  In this event the judges may decide to give discretionary  'Awards of Merit' to acknowledge the quality of that fan vid.

Can I help out or be a judge? - If  you are interested in joining  the team in the Art of Vidding Awards contest please contact Andrea by email giving us brief background details.





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