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Now Three – Vienna Teng

City fast asleep.
Clouds up on the hill.
So quiet, so still.

Dreams of rain in sheets,
Dreams of ice and wings.
So delicate, these things.

Love, love, love is a word so small.
Let it fill up, up, up 'til I can't see at all.
I want to be blind, only my hands to guide me.
Bring all of you inside me.

City fast asleep.
Lights hum in the gray,
Like her breathing will someday.

Strangest beauty cries,
One and one, by and by,
Now three of us here lie.

Love, love, love for one so small,
Come fill me up, up, up 'til I can't see at all.
I want to be blind, only my heart to guide me.
Gather all the world inside me."



Chosen One Awards

I loved everything about this video. From your song choice, which was beautifully simple, the gentle white effect you added to the very idea, you brought something very special to the table. The video was both mesmerising and haunting. I loved the bittersweet feel of how Angel as you put it had it all and by showing the devastation of Connor being taken at the beginning and end of the video you made it clear of what your intentions were of the video. However, the view could never have known just how blown away watching the video would have made them. I think this is one of your best videos and I don’t think it would be easy to recreate such a wonderful piece of work. Videos like this don’t come along often and I thank you for sharing it with us!

Benetath the Rose Awards
Aw, this was a hard vid to watch. Simply because it was so sad. I really felt Angel's pain in this vid and your song choice only added to that. Melancholy is right, poor Angel! I also liked how you told it from a reflective perspective; opening with Angel in the nursery walking towards the window amidst ghostly images of Cordy and Conner. Speaking of Conner, I really loved his part in the vid. For example, 2:18-2:24 with "Love, love for one so small", SO cute! Which only made it more heartbreaking when the vid shifted back to present (2:51). So sad *sniffles*. Good job *grabs tissue*.

Awards: 28

Best Storyteller RU

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