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Angel  Investigations  have dealt with all kinds of demons, vampires, ghosts and monsters of the human kind. Here's the whole five seasons  worth. Song is by White Zombie. Edited Oct 14   Lyrics
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For once Angel appeared to have it all.  A melancholy look at his relationship with Cordelia & his baby son, Connor. Song   by Vienna Teng. Edited April '11    Lyrics  &  Awards
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'The game face, the one I worked so hard to get, I became that years ago'. - Lilah Morgan,  Wolfram and Hart . The consummate player in the (evil) corporate game, Lilah as seen by  her enemies, rivals and lover.  Song by David Bowie. Edited 07/10  Lyrics & Awards
Lindsey McDonald character study. Ambitious, amoral,  conflicted, Lindsey doesn't always tow the company line. He wants to destroy Angel &  falling for Darla just complicates things. Focuses on First 2 seasons.  Edited Nov 09. For Shona      Lyrics  &   Awards

Angel S1 overview. Angel wants to help but 'isn't good with people'.  Cordy wants to eat
& survive LA until her inevitable stardom takes hold, and Doyle, well he's been sent by the Powers that be.  They all find that there is 'Somewhere Else to Be' . Edited  07/09 Song is by Vast.  Lyrics  &  Awards
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Sparks fly when Gwen Raiden is around.  Action/ Character study to Muse's Supermassive Black Hole.  Edited 06/09.  Lyrics  &  Awards
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Stripped of his soul, Angelus is let loose.  He manipulates those around him & believes himself to be free to do just as he pleases.  At least for  a while anyway, until he too is manipulated & put back into his 'cage'. Edited 04/08  Song by Vast .  Lyrics  &  Awards
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Angel  S5 teaser/overview  in less than 2 minutes. Just  to get you in the mood for the continuation of Angel The Series in IDW's 'Angel: After the Fall'. Music is 'New Beginning' by Good Charlotte.  Made November '07.  Awards
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A 'Vidlet'  made for Reverie's Style Contest - Song By Vast.  Darla's not done & dusted after all - She returns to invade Angel's dreams. Edited 05/07   .  Lyrics &  Awards
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Episodic of 'Life of The Party' AtS  to the  Cole Porter song  'Well Did You Evah?' fr 'High Society'. Performed by Robbie Williams & Jon Lovitz . Made Oct 06 .  Lyrics  & Awards
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lIlyria's  arrival causes havoc with Team Angel at Wolfram & Hart. Music is 'Siva' by the Smashing Pumpkins.  Smurf smash. Made July 06 .  Lyrics  & Awards
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Lorne created his club, Caritas, as a sanctuary where all could come &  find their path, or just sing & have a good time. There were 'House Rules' to maintain order,  it's just a shame some people never followed  hem.  Song by 'Kane' ( Lindsey aka Christian Kane  features  briefly).  Made April 06. Lyrics & Awards
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Short & sweet 'cangel' vid  to Harry Connick Jnr.'s version of 'It Had To Be You'.  A look at the some of lighter moments in their relationship before things  went so wrong. Edited November 05 . Lyrics & Awards
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From the  "belly of the beast" - Wolfram &Hart,  Angel contemplates the temptation  set before him & the consequences of his succumbing.  Despite his mistakes he continues to fight.  Contains  sex & violence.  Music by Vast . Edited 10/05    Lyrics &  Awards
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The tragedy of Wesley and Fred.   "And when our worlds,  They fall apart , when the walls come tumbling in , Though we may deserve it , It will be worth it"   Song By Depeche Mode.   Edited  July 05     Lyrics & Awards
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A 'love' song  for Darla and Angel(us). Their their strange relationship of  lust, passion, hatred and love.  Song by Vast  .Made  March 05   Lyrics & Awards
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This was the first vid I made & has since been remastered - only about 10 seconds of the original remain.   "Shoulda gone to Vegas" - Elvis &Team Angel do Vegas as only they know how - episodic vid of 'The House  Always Wins' .  Original Concept Vid Aug 04/ Remade May 08.     Lyrics  & Awards
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