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Willow is using too much magic - on occasions for the wrong reasons. Her overwhelming grief at Tara's death tips her into darkness.  Song by Soundgarden. Edited Dec 2013   Lyrics 
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The Scoobies face all kind of changes in Season 4. Ensemble Overview - Song is by David Bowie.  Edited March 2012. Lyrics & awards
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Spike and Drusilla - 'Be with me, protect me from the darkness of the sun.' Song is by VAST. Edited November 2011. Lyrics & awards
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Episodic of the Buffy Musical 'Once More, With Feeling'. Song is by Travis.  Edited May 2011   Lyrics  &  Awards
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Willow resurrected Buffy & things just go from bad to worse.  Never have the scoobies been so far away from home. Song by the Kaiser Chiefs.  Edited October '10  Lyrics  &  Awards
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Is this how a slayer dreams?  An action overview of Slayers past & present. Unknown instrumental music.  Edited 04//10. Music Notes & Awards 
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S7 Overview.  Can Buffy turn the tide in the battle against the First Evil?   Warning: Blood & violence, but nothing that wasn't in the show.  Song is 'The Tower That Ate People' by Peter Gabriel.  Completed 04/09. Lyrics & Awards
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 S4 has a few comedic episodes - 'Pangs'  is  a favourite.   Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the UK, but  it's a reason to rewatch .  A  70's  cover of  a song  from 'Annie Get Your Gun' by Irving Berlin.   Edited 11/08   Lyrics  &  Awards
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Music - 'In The Hall of the Mountain King' by Grieg.  Monsters courtesy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Edited 10/08    Music Notes & Awards
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My baby's got me locked up in chains.....Inspired by 'Venus in Furs'  by The Velvet Underground, this is a brief musing on the 'preferred torture puppy' & his two dominatrices.  Edited 07/08   Lyrics  &  awards
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Angelus returns to inflict  pain and death everywhere he goes.  His enemies wait for their turn to strike back.  Song by Placebo. Edited Aug 07.   Lyrics  &  Awards
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Xander Harris lives on the hellmouth, gets into tight spots & makes some great escapes.   A fast & fun look at Xander in the first 3 seasons    Song by 'We Are Scientists'.  Edited  July 07.   Lyrics & Awards
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Wracked with guilt from his newly acquired soul, Spike is having a bad time in the basement of Sunnydale Hig It's not just guilt that torments, The First Evil is there  Spike has no self control.  Edited 01/07  Song by Peter Gabriel  Lyrics &  Awards
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Episodic of Amends,  all the angst , none of the snow. 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, let nothing you dismay'  Angel is dismayed to be haunted by his past victims Buffy is drawn into his nightmares  Edited 12/06  Music is TransSiberian Orchestra 'Christmas Eve - Sarajevo'.  Music Notes & Awards
Download  Small WMV 12.3mB   -  Medium WMV 27.3mB   -  Stream  

Episodic of 'Faith, Hope & Trick'  made for the Soundtrack Vidding Project     Song by Silverchair.  Edited Oct 06  Lyrics  & Awards
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A bit of silly fun in this short sweet vidlet.( Song By Cliff Richards) -  What happened when Spike got his  'Livin' Doll' - the Buffybot. Edited  Jan 06   Lyrics & Awards
Download  Small WMV 8mB   -  Stream

I have vague memories of  studying Danse Macabre  at school.  Listening to the entire piece again I visualized scenes from 'Hush' . ( it was used in the episode)  I felt that a vid might  work. . Length 7 mins  (I edited the music a little)   Composed by Camille Saint Saens  Edited October 05 Music Notes & Awards
Download   Small WMV 26mB   -  Stream

Buffy & Angel Relationship vid. No complicated imagery just a lyric driven  vid.  Buffy - the Extraordinary Girl,  and  Angel  - 'some days he feels like dying,  she gets so sick of crying'.  It couldn't be anyone else really.  Edited Feb 05   Lyrics &  Awards   
Download   Small WMV 12.7mB   -  Stream

Song  by Freddy Mercury  'Mr. Bad Guy' - who could resist that ??  So this is just a nod to some of the Bad Guys on BtVS who schemed,  caused chaos  &  generally  'mwhahaha 'd ' all over Sunnydale.   Edited Jan 05   Lyrics   &  Awards 
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A  fun look at Spike and his growing obsession  with Buffy .  He  attempts to  convince  Buffy that he is  sincere,  and his feelings for her are very real . The Gimme Gimmes cover version  of the Lionel Ritchie ballad.  Edited Oct 04   Lyrics & Awards
Dowload -  Medium AVI 86mB  -  Stream

Buffy saves the world  again,  but the cost to her is often too high.  From the aftermath  from the S2 finale,  through to S3  'Graduation Day Pt 2'.  Song by Annie Lennox. Edited  Sept 04   Lyrics & Awards  
Download  Small WMV 7.68mB  -  Stream

Poor Xander wants the hellmouth to be working for him for a change,  instead  the love spell goes wrong ,making everyone ' Mad About The Boy'. Episodic vid of  'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' Performed by Dinah Washington . Edited 08/ 04   Lyrics & Awards

One of my earliest vids  in serious need of remastering/reworking.  In Sunnydale  both humans& demons do the Monster Mash,  it's really a case of 'mash' or' be mashed'.  A little bit of slayerverse silliness to an old song by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett.  Edited Aug 04    Lyrics & Awards








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