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Character Study of Hoban Washburne (Wash) Mainly from Firefly. Song is by The Oysterclub. Edied Feb-Mar 2015 Lyrics
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Character study of River Tam - Mainly from 'Firefly' and a little from 'Serenity'. Song is by Imogen Heap. Edited April '12  Lyrics  & Awards
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Take a Sleigh Ride with the crew and passengers of Serenity.  Brief nostalgic, fun look at Firefly for the holiday season. Song is performed by The Andrew Sisters.  Edited Dec '11   Lyrics
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A total remaster/remake  of the vid I originally edited June '06 using WMM.       Focusing on River and Mal's struggles against the alliance in 'Serenity'.  Turn up the signal and wipe out the noise .Song ByPeter Gabriel  Length 5:50mins (hence file sizes)   Remastered Mar 11 Lyrics    & Awards
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Spitfire - ZoŽ Washburne  - Don't mess with her or her husband, 'cause you know that she can'.  An action character study looking at ZoŽ's past and present. Song by The Prodigy. Edited Jan '11  Lyrics &  Awards
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Capt Mal Reynolds action character study. ' I'm the underdog, live my life on a lullaby, keep myself  riding on this train'.  Mal just wants to keep flying.   Source is  all Firefly, no clips from Serenity .  Song by Kasabian.  Edited Feb '10.  For Becky   Lyrics  &   Awards
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Brief vidlet focusing on Simon and River Tam. 'I leaned on you today'.  Beautiful song is by Elbow. Edited  08/09  Lyrics &  Awards
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Inara's  real reason for leaving 'Serenity'. Song  by Mel Brooks , sung by Madeline Kahn from 'Blazing Saddles'.  No offence intended - just a bit of fun.  Edited  Jan '08  Lyrics & Awards
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Mal &Inara have a strange  relationship. Despite denial, it will be hard for them to walk away. It was easy to fall in love,  but - just like the danger in which they so often find themselves  - there 'Ain't No Easy Way Out',  Song by BRMC.  Feb 06  Lyrics  &  Awards
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Jayne's Mom loves him. She's sent him this beautiful hat.  A vidlet to the song by Stan Peal all about Jayne & his hat(s).  Pretty cunning. Edited Nov 05  Lyrics & Awards
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 Serenity, is often seen as the tenth character of Firefly.  Representing  different things to all on board , whether it is Sanctuary, Refuge, a means to earn a fast buck, a journey of faith, freedom from the alliance   Song by Coldplay. Edited Sept 05 Lyrics & Awards
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Literal lyrics in this song by REM  but I couldn't resist. There are many shiny, happy moments for the crew of Serenity.  Here are just some of those,  with a touch of action thrown in.  My first Firefly vid. Edited July 05  Lyrics & Awards
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