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Sourced from all four shows with the recurring theme of 'booze'. Song is originally from 'Robin & the 7 Hoods' but this sillier version is performed by the Family Guy Cast. Lyrics
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Violence came easy to Faith  but she is now a rogue slayer. Showing no outward remorse at the accidental killing of a human, she falls into the spiral of murder & evil.  Song by the Matthew Good Band.  5mins 25secs  Edited03/13 . Lyrics & Awards
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Angel reminisces - things were cheaper  & he remembers the good times. So this is  his sepia tinted glasses  view at the Order of Aurelius .  Sung by Mary Hopkins  but  is originally a Russian folk song  'Long Road'  generally performed as a romany song - oh the  irony.    Edited November '10  English Lyrics & Awards
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Made for 'More Joy Day' on Livejournal  A simple montage of moments of 'joy' from my favourite whedonverse  shows.  I've chosen clips that are 'joyous', possibly very silly 7 some that may particularly resonate with me. There's also a sprinkling of outtakes,  plus  a little  nekkidness.  Song is 'Joy' by David Poe.  Edited Jan '10   Lyrics& Awards
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Angel & Spike might both be Vampires  with Souls but apart from that they are awfully different. Honest they are, no really, not a bit alike.  Song performed by 'Stewie and Brian' from Family Guy (Seth McFarlane). There is some name calling , you've been warned.  Edited  Jan '09.  Lyrics &  Awards
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My first AU vid - the love triangle of Gordon, Julie and John.  John plots revenge after being abandoned by Julie .  Song by Jilted John.  Edit 05/07  Lyrics  & Awards
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A fun look at Cordelia on both BtVS  & AtS - to an over vidded song , so not very original. I never saw a vid for Cordy though and as one of the sexiest  women in the verse I thought it appropriate . Song by Right  Said Fred. Edited April 06   Lyrics & Awards
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'Fire bad, Tree Pretty' - a n action oriented look at some of the 'Fire starters' in this crossover vid. Song by The Prodigy.    Caution lyrics (if you can catch the words) contain swearing. July 05    Lyrics & Awards
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'If God is a DJ, then life is a Dance Floor, you get what you're given, its all how you use it'.  Faith character study to 'God is a DJ' by Pink.  Contains  swearing. Edit 06/ 05  Lyrics & Awards
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Doublemeat Palace 'Gary burgers', donuts, burritos, Finger Food, cookie dough fudge mint chip ice cream, blood, Twinkies, it's all here.   Edited Feb 05  Lyrics & Awards
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