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Sherlock Vid. Episodic of The Abominable Bride. Music is Bad Romance performed by Vitamin String Quartet. Edited April '17
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Character study of the English warrior King, Henry V as  portrayed in Shakespeare's Henriad plays (The Hollow Crown - BBC)  Errant Prince Hal makes his father despair, rebellion from  Hotspur is Hal's opportunity to show his worth, fit to be future King. Song by Woodkid. Edited Jan'14  Lyrics
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The sweet love story of William Buxton and Peggy Bell (Return to Cranford-)  Music is 'Yellow' Performed by the Vitamin String Quartet. Edited Oct '12Music Notes & Awards
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Advent  vidlet  for Supernatural. Castiel , Angel of the Lord seeks God.Will he find him? Song is by Enya  Edited November '11  Lyrics & Awards
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Just little bits of history repeating. The exploits of Edmund Blackadder (and his descendants) Baldrick , his friends & Masters.   Song is by The Propeller heads featuring Shirley Bassey. Edited May '11. Lyrics
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Made for a Challenge over at Chosen One Awards .  Dean & the ImpalaMetallicar  -they are meant to be together.  Credit  to Charmax who posted this pairing and song choice idea  years back , this is  dedicated to her, thank you for a great idea. The song is 'Happy Together' by the Turtles. Edited October '10   Lyrics  &  Awards
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Deadwood -    Alma wishes she was elsewhere, if she trusts  in her own strength and those who try to help, she will see the fields all around her. Song by Regina Spektor.  Made for Charmax in September '08.  Lyrics  &  Awards
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