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Harry along with  Ron & Hermione must run,  they have  horcrux to find  & when the race is over they must stand &  fight.Song is by WoodKid. Edited May '13 Lyrics
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It's Christmas Eve and Harry and Hermione reflect on absent friends and family. Source mainly from Deathly Hallows Pt1. Song is by Damien Rice/Lisa Hannigan. Edited Dec'11 Lyrics & Awards
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Overview (source from first 6 films). 'The ones that love us, never really leave us'   focuses on Harry's grief at losing loved ones ,   yet with hope he still fights. Major spoilers.  Music is 'In Noctem' by Nicholas Hooper from the Half Blood Prince Soundtrack along with instrumental music from Troy trailer by Justin Burnett.  Edited 06/10.  Lyrics &  Awards
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Seasonal retrospective of the first four Harry Potter movies. Music is 'Carol of the Bells' performed by the Vienna Boys Choir.  Edited for Ellie in December '08   Lyrics & Awards
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