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Siva by The Smashing Pumpkins

I spin off and lose my head
Throwing stray a spark instead
Gather strength down in my heel

Dig it in the world I peel
Way down deep and in my heart
Lies  a  soul that's torn apart
Tell me, tell me what you're after
I just want to get there faster

I don't live - I inhale
I don't give - I unveil
Don't want to live in your misery
I don't live - I inhale

Sprinkle all my kisses on your head
Stars follow wishes fill your bed
She said, "I'm dead"

All this pain smothers me
Like a bomb that you can't see
Tell me, tell me what you're after
I just want to get there faster

I don't live - I inhale
I don't give - I unveil
I don't live.

BBM Awards 
Cec: Great editing! Great effects! I love the white flashes and the quick cuts! You use all the beats of this song so well! The overlays look great, and you can see that they add to the meaning of the video as well as the cool factor! I love those reddened still that show up periodically! Perfect scene choice for the quiet parts!
Kaycee: Wow...so much action! I thought this was a spectacular Illyria video! The stills that you flashed on the beats looked really good. I also liked the quiet parts for a change of pace. The editing was super-fast, and the video as a whole rocked!

Tolerable Cruelty Awards
I enjoyed this as an overview of the story arc, and I particularly liked how it used the ebb and flow of the music. Very well-timed fighting throughout. Love slow-motion Spike at 2:48. The coloring on the stills was gorgeous and really gave the vid a lot of personality.

Buttmonkey Awards
Siva - Really great work on this vid.  I thought the timing on the fight scenes was excellent.  I loved your overlays, especially at :58.  I thought your use of the stills was great and I loved the red filter you used.  There were a few parts that really stood out to me.  The timing on Angel's fall out of the window was great as was Spike falling in Slow mo near the end.  And the quiet part of the song with Fred and Wesley was just perfect.  All around excellent vid.

Siva by Andrea
 Very action-packed video! I liked the fast editing and effects in this one. The song is very fast moving and it brings the video along very nicely. I liked the white flashes and colouring, especially around 0:12. I also liked the fast paced cuts between different angles and positions of the video.  It is quite effective, like at 0:22. The use of colorized stills is very nice. I really liked the overlays at 0:53 and 0:58. The way you focused your video of the action and uprising complexities of the character flows nicely and it is shown very well. I also like the still image flashes that occurred many times in the video. It adds a very nice touch to everything from the mood to the beat. You did an amazing job on this video! Hands down one of my favourite videos of yours!

 POTH Awards
A great overview of the character and how it affected the characters. I liked the drastic change from full acyion to a slower part at 1:58. I liked the use of effects during the action parts. The shot at 1:43 is awesome. A very angsty look at the character.

EPMV Awards
I LOVE illyria.  She is a great character and the whole dynamic between her, Fred, and Wes is heartbreaking and dramatic.  I enjoyed the freeze frames and effects in the video.  I loved how the slightly sped up moments and pauses paralleled the jerky movements illyria often makes.  The song choice was unique, and I love unique!  I actually haven't head this SP song before.  Great video, Andrea!

Chosen One Awards
 Fast paced, an excellent characterisation and flawless SFX. I really enjoyed this and found its non-stop pace absolutely essential for the character of Illyria! This was a pleasure to judge!

Awards: 63

Best Action RU R16

Best Effects R8
Best Editing RU R8
Best Action RU R8
Best Character RU R8

Best Action Rd13
Best Editing RU Rd13
Best  Character RU Rd13

Best Action RU R2

Best Character MMVA R29

Best Action
Best Effects

Best Character RU

Best Action RU

Best Editing RU R3

Best Music RU
Best Action RU

Best Action RU BLA
Best TV Show RU BLA

Best Song Use RU

Best Action RU
Most Dark RU

Best Angel Rd7

Best Effects R4

Best Character
Best Buffyverse RU

Best Action RU
Best Episodic RU

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