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Well Did You Evah?  by Cole Porter  performed by Williams & Lovitz

I have heard, among this clan
You are called 'The forgotten man'?
Is that what they are saying?
Well, did you evah?
What a swell party this is!

And have you heard the story of
A boy, a girl, unrequited love?
Sounds like pure Soap Opera, I may Cry! – Tune in Tomorrow!
What a swell party this is!

What frills, what frocks!
What furs, what rocks!They’re beautiful
I’ve never seen such gaiety! (neither have I)
It's too too risqué really!
This French champagne! (domestic)
So good for the brain!

That’s what I was going to say
You know you’re a brilliant fellow – why thank you- Pick up Jack
Please don't eat that glass my friend.
Have you heard about dear Blanche
Got run down by an avalanche?
NO! -Don’t worry she’s a game girl you know
Got up and finished 4th,The kid’s got guts
Havin’ a nice time, grab a line

Have you heard that Mimsie Starr, what now
Just got pinched in the Astor bar? smashed again heh?
She was stoned
Well, did you evah?
What a swell party this is!
Hey check out that ass
That’s a lovely dress
Think I can talk her out of it?

It's great, it's grand!
It's wonderland!
We sing, so rare!
Like old camembert!
Like bah bah rhum!
Don’t dig that kind of crooning chum.

Have you heard? It's in the stars,
Next July we collide with Mars!
Well, did you evah?
What a swell party this is!

What a swell-egant, elegant party this is!



Chosen Awards
Another excellent video! I loved the words ‘talk her out of that dress’ and then you moved to the scene where Angel and Eve go to Angels office to ‘get a room’! I hadn’t heard that song before but I think it went so well with the episode and the feel of the video. Great editing as usual and a fantastic scene selection! I still laugh at Gunn peeing everywhere!

BBM Awards
Cec: This is so adorable! I love how all the lyrics match up with one of the little stories in the episode!! I loved the risque part especially!! This was so original and entertaining! The "fantastic entrance" voice over was hysterical!
Kaycee: Very interesting take on "life of the party"...I loved it! haha, the "risque" part was hilarious! The drunk Fred scene was too funny and went well with the lyrics. Perfect

Awards: 29

Best Editing RU
Best Comedy RU

Best Episodic RU

Best Episodic

Best Episodic
Best AtS
Best Song use

Best Idea

Best Comedy RU

Best Episodic RU

Best Comedy RU

Most Unique RU

Lyric Matching RU

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