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'Temptation : By Vast
I went to the desert
I went searching for the truth
I stumbled across you and I
Know you’re not the truth

I went in the ocean
I came looking for some love
All I found is that I found
I haven’t found enough

I stand alone now
I stand alone
Can you save me from myself?

You are my temptation
To do what I knew is wrong
You are my temptation
To do what I knew is wrong  is you

They’ve been killing children
And nobody seems to care
They’ve been laughing at my god
My god I wouldn’t dare
You are my temptation


BBM Awards
Kaycee: Excellent Angel character study! I loved the song you picked! Everything went perfectly with the lyrics and the editing was spot-on! The ending scene you chose was great! Very impressive work!
Cec: The editing is mezmerizing, and your scene selection was flawless! I love all the really fast cuts! I love it all! Awesome, awesome job!

With Silence & Tears  Awards
Donna - Muah ha ha Excellent! Seriously, wonderful job keeping with the music. Kinda eerie with the Darla parts, but only because she’s eerie to me.
Jennifer - Great editing! Loved the fast pace of the clips. Song was very very fitting! Excellent!

Tolerable Cruelty Awards 
Obsessive24: I really liked the flow of images in this vid, the way you used source movement in such an interesting, dynamic way. It really made for a mesmerising vid visually while driving the theme home. I particularly liked the pacing of the Darla sequence beginning at 1:34, and the classroom sequence beginning at 2:26.
Txlsplash: A very good action video that is also insightful. I like how the mood shifts for the dynamic changes. The action clips are well placed. I love the Darla bits. I like the punch at 0:20. I like the clip of the lawyers at 0:51 - very intimidating. The parts from 'Conviction' work very well, especially the classroom fight scene.

Buttmonkey Awards
Temptation - Great Editing! Loved the short clips, they really hit the beat and made the video stand out.  Great words to the song for Angel/Darla. It fit their storyline perfectly. Loved the apple scene at the end, Apple/temptation, Great symmetry there!

Sunnydale Stories
Andrea, Temptation was edited beautiful I couldn't stop watching it. The song was great.

Awards: 64

Best Character R9
Best Use  of Song R9

Best Action R9

Best Action R5
Best Song R5
Best Character RU R5

Best Action R7
Best Angst Rd7
Best Drama R7
Best POV R7
Best Song R7

Best Action R9

Best Action RU Rd11
Most Dramatic Rd11

Best TV Show

Best Action 11/05

Best Angst RU R1/06
Best Character RU R1/06
Best Music RU R1/06

Best Character

Best Character RU

Best Music mmva R27

Best Action Rd5

Best Action RU Rd8

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