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Music is instrumental piece found on a Cinema Theme  Album. It is described as Trailer for film 'Black & White' but no composer is credited. If anyone recognises this piece and can let me know who composed it , I would like to give them  credit.


Chosen One Awards
I have always wanted to see a video that covers all slayers and I think you picked a smashing song to represent your video. The scenes were full of action, sharp and cut very well. I loved it.

BBM Awards
I love the way you've put everything together and how not a millisecond is wasted! The music choice is perfect. You used all the best scenes and the effects, overlays, and the editing just pulled it all together so well. Truly unforgettable work!

This vid was the first of mine  ever shown at a Vidding Convention as part of  a vid show 'Riot Grrls ' Vividcon 2011.

Awards: 50

Best Music
Best Effects
Best Action
Best Ensemble RU

Best Atmosphere
Best Editing RU
Best Action RU

Best  Action RU

Most Powerful
Best Editing RU
Best Music RU
Best Rhythm RU

Best Action RU
Best Creativity RU
Best Music Use RU


Best Storyteller RU

Best Action RU
Best Effects RU
Most Original RU

best Action RU
Best Effects RU
Best Character RU

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