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Awfully Different - performed by 'Stewie and Brian' from Family Guy. (Seth McFarlane)

 You and I are
So awfully different
Too awfully different
To ever be pals….

 (Do you want to go first?

Yeah I’ll go…)

Your favourite hero is the Marquis de Sade  (Oh you’re one to talk)
You get a stiffy from Phylicia Rashad  (oh one time)
I’ve a style flair
Just look at my hip hair
(Oh yeah that’s quite a nice do there (Oh thanks)
For me to poop on  (What?)
(Oh come on you look like Charlie Brown - Bite me Snoopy )

There’s not a whole lot
We’ve got to agree on
Cause I love the strings of a classical score
And I love that singer who looks like a whore
(Ricky Martin?  Love ‘em)
We’re too different to ever be pals….

You and I are
So awfully different  (do do do)
Too awfully different  (do do do)
To ever be pals….

Your head’s as massive As a meteorite (Oh very funny)
You have a weenie like a Christmas tree light!
I’d bet money ,You’d marry a honey
Who’s pretty and funny
And her name’ll be TED
(ooh a gay joke – I just work with what you give me)

You might think  we’re in sync
But we stink As a duo
‘Cos you get a kick outta carnage & guts
And you get a kick out of stroking your…
(oooh woah you can’t say that on TV? - What Ego?)
Never mind.

We’re too different to ever be pals.

Beneath The Rose Awards
Oh this is a cute vid. The whole thing is an absolute riot, right from the opening clip that sets up everything to the part where Angel and Spike hold hands at the end.  I love the parallel from 0:13-0:17 with the stakes and 0:20-0:22 got me from the first watch and still makes me chuckle. I also like 1:03-1:07 with first them getting off the elevators and then them fixing their coats. What an awesomely ironic funny vid.

Surrender awards
The funniest video I`ve ever seen, I laughed through the whole thing and the clips you chose fit so well with the lyrics, it looked just like Spike and Angel where talking. You also showed really well in such a funny way how alike they really are but how they never want to admit it. I loved Spike`s thumbs up to Ricky Martin and the scene with Buffy and Ted and the elevator scene where Angel and Spike crash into other and not to mention the christmas light scene, so funny.

BBM Awards
Cec: This is wonderful! I love, love it! I love that you show ways that they are actually quite simliar. And I just flipped out over the "Ricky Martin. Love him." part!! And the "Singer who looks like a whore." This is just amazing. I'm so in love with this!! Perfect ending! Amazing!

Divine Awards
Ahaha that was hilarious! You picked all the perfect clips to go with the song, some of my favs were; –“you wanna go first? Yeah ill go” in the elevator/”you have a weenie like a Christmas tree light”/ “and her name will be ted” & “you might think were in synch but we stink as a duo”! The song by the way was an awesome pick (lol love that family guy episode & song) You showed all of Angel’s & Spikes differences and similarities (The staking, leather jacket & Hawaii shirt clips)so well and the audio at the start “so hes a good guy vampire like angel? He’s nothing like me” “got that right” really set the mood funny at the beginning of the vid! This is differently my pick for the round!

Chosen Awards
This was hilarious. I really liked the similarities and how you used the words of the song so well. LOL at the Ricky Martin clip as well!

Awards: 49

Best Use of Song R6
Best Comedy R6
Most Original R6
Best relationship RU R6

Funniest Vid Rd1
Best Twin Souls Rd1
Best Song Use RU Rd1

Best Comedy R37
Best Idea RU R37

Best Editing RU R7

Best Comedy RU R10
Best Crossover RU R10

Most Unique  R23

Best Crossover R78

Best Song use Rd54

Best Words of Song R3

Best Song use R1

Best Alternative Rd1
Best Editing RU Rd1

best Comedy RU  R8

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