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Jayne's Hat by Stan Peal (these awards  are for you too Stan- thanks for letting me use  your awesome song)
It's sits pretty cunning on my head
I might just wear it to bed
It's made with a fuzzy kinda thread
Probably gonna wear it 'til I'm stone cold dead.

It's my hat
It's my hat
How 'bout that
It's my hat

My mom sent it to me in box
I keep it in my drawer with my jocks
Protect it with a couple padlocks
I can't help thinking that that it really rocks!

It's my hat (jaynes hat)
It's my hat (jaynes hat)
Y'all scat (y'all scat)
Get away from my hat (away from the hat)
I can wear my hat when I'm chasing some cat
Cleaning out my gat or chewing the fat
I can wear it in the rain
While I'm robbin' a train
Protectin' my brain
While I sing a refrain

It's my hat (jaynes hat)
It's my hat (jaynes hat)
How 'bout that (How 'bout that)

(that hat makes you look like an idiot)

Shut Up
Thanks Ma!


Chosen Awards
 This was hilarious! I loved that you got the guitar playing at the beginning and times the cheering scene as well. I thought you would run out of Jayne clips but I was mistaken. I laughed throughout it and my favourite part was Jayne saying ‘scat’ to the kid! Wonderful!

Cec: Okay! This. Is. Hilarious! I love the voice over at the end! I love all the scenes, everything fits the lyrics! I love the "ya'll skat" part! haha. Awesome video! I love the way you kept using the scene of the Firefly gang all looking kind of confused. haha.
Kaycee: Ok, that was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!! Hahaha. I loved the "scat" and "rock" parts. Brilliant! I liked how you would have the video go black and then pop up with a scene of him wearing a hat. Perfect voice-over at the end!

Buttmonkey Awards
Jayne’s ha - Funny! Unique! Definitely different from any vid I have ever seen. Made me giggle!

SSA  Awards
This video is fun and cute! I was laughing so hard when I first heard the song. It was such a perfect tribute to Jayne’s hat’s. I love this song so much and I was surprised when I found it was made for Jayne. Your editing was so fantastic in depicting the story of Jayne’s hat. Well Done, this is a hilarious vid.

Awards: 19

Best Comedy Rd16
best Music Rd16
Best LOL
Best Song in A Vid

Best Song In A Vid Rd 31

Best Comedy Rd46
Most Unique Rd46
Best Words of a Song RU Rd46

Most Unique RU Rd68
Best Seasonal RU Rd68

Best Song  RU Rd1

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