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Signal To Noise - By Peter Gabriel

You know the way that things go
When what you fight for starts to fall
And in that fuzzy picture
The writing stands out on the wall
so clearly on the wall

Send out the signals deep and loud

And in this place, can you reassure me
With a touch, a smile - while the cradle's burning
all the while the world is turning to noise
oh the more that it's surrounding us
the more that it destroys
turn up the signal
wipe out the noise

Send out the signal deep and loud

Man, I'm losing sound and sight
of all those who can tell me wrong from right
when all things beautiful and bright
sink in the night
yet there's still something in my heart
that can find a way
to make a start
to turn up the signal
wipe out the noise

wipe out the noise
wipe out the noise
you know that's it
you know that's it
you know that's it
receive  and transmit
receive  and transmit
receive  and transmit


(these reviews were written for the original unmastered version)

BBM Awards

Cec: The way the video opened on such a difficult scene in that black and white with the quiet music was perfect. It really set the stage.I love the way you build the video from there.The effects are wonderful. They are never too much. The voice over of "miranda" was EXCELLENT. The way it was against just a black cut was chilling. Awesome use of overlays and (though is sounds strange) you used black in this video so well. This video is incredible and unique. I never got bored with this.  Around 4:00 when all the fighting started... that was perfect! It fit the music, and the change in the tone was noticable without coming out of nowhere. Intense and amazing! I was enthralled through all 6 minutes.
Kaycee: Wow, that was am amazing Serenity video! I loved the part at about  1:48 when you had the voice-over. Very cool. I thought you matched the mood of the song so well with clips from Serenity. All the quiet parts where you would flash to black and then to a calm part of the movie looked awesome! Also, how you built it up toward the end with the more intense scenes was perfect! Your work is very impressive, Andrea!!

Villianous Imagination Awards Rd 1

I don't think there are enough words to accurately describe just how much I adored this video. The song sounds like it was written specifically for the source, which is always a plus. You did an excellent job creating an intensely creepy mood throughout the video, using the music to its full potential as the tension and action just kept building and building. I get chills every single time I watch it. Down to specifics: I love the way the motion at 1:09 fits with the music. The black space at 1:44 along with the whispered "Miranda" gives me goosebumps. The part at 2:04 makes my breath catch in my throat every time I see it, so does the part at 2:34. I love the way the images popping up on the screen fit with the music at 3:00. The intercut scenes as the drums kick in starting at 3:58 are awesome! I almost forget to breathe during pretty much the entire rest of the vid from here on in because the tension just keeps ratcheting up more and more. I love how you timed Zoe's shotgun with the music at 4:56. The clip of Mal at 5:11 is awesome. I loved how well you timed both River's and Mal's fight scenes starting at 5:20. The image at 5:42 is just so unbelievably creepy. This is an insanely awesome vid!

Path of the Heart Awards –

The video uses a perfectly chosen song and enhance its potential with an on point editing. I especially liked the first shot in Black and white at 0:19, the overlays at 1:37, the shot at 2:28 and the overlays that follows just after.
I loved the originality of this vid, the great editing that used the music perfectly. It was just totally fascinating even if I don't know much about the show. Really great job
What really struck me at first when watching this video was how enthralling it was. I don't know much about Serenity but the video drown you into the universe anyway. The choice in editing only amplify the feeling like the black moment at 1:45, the fst clips at 2:03 or the dizzy moment with bits of dialogues at 2:43.

Buttmonkey Awards
Your timing was dead on and you clip choices were awesome.  The song was so haunting and really drew me in.  The "Miranda" voiceover was a nice touch.  This was just a really great video.  The part at 2:43 to 2:56 was perfect.  This was just an excellent video.  Amazing job!

Awards: 64

Best Action Rd11

Best Drama Rd66

Best Montage 10/06

Best Atmosphere Rd2
Best Music Use Rd2
Best Overview Rd2

Best Effects Rd31

Best Mood Rd1
Best Drama Rd1
Best Music Use RU Rd1

Best Effects Rd39
Best Cast Rd39

Best Editing RU Rd28

Most Unique SR1

Best Video : Movie HM
Best Song Use R2
Best Angst RU

Best Action
Best Group RU
Most Powerful RU

Best Angst RU

Best Storyline  RU SR3
Best Action RU SR3

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