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 'Tired'- Written by Mel Brooks - Performed by Madeline Kahn 

From the Film 'Blazing Saddles'
 Here I stand, the goddess of Desire,
Set men on fire,
I have this power,
Morning noon and night it's drink and dancing,
Some quick romancing,
and then a  shower.
Stage door johnnies always surround me,
They always hound me,
with one request,
Who can satisfy their lustful habits,
I'm not a rabbit!
I need some rest!

I'm tired,
Sick and tired of love,
I've had my fill of love,
from below and above.

tired of being admired,
tired of love uninspired,
let's face it,
I'm tired!

I've been with 1000's of men,
again and again,
they promise the moon,
they always coming and going,
going and coming,
and always too soon!
Right girls?

I'm tired,
tired of playing the game,
ain't it a crying shame?
I'm so tired,
God dammit I'm exhausted!

I'm tired,
tired of playing the game,
ain't it a crying shame?
I'm so tired.

(Abridged lyrics)



Cec: Fanstastic use of the lyrics. I loved the "and then a shower" part! haha! And the "I'm not a rabbit." All the sarcastic and exhausted faces are perfect! You did an amazing job finding the perfect scenes. I loved that laughing parts!! The ending was perfect!
Kaycee: Haha..where in the world did you get this song? It's hilarious! You did such a great job picking the best clips of Inara to go with the words...her facial expressions on the "I'm tired" parts were priceless. Excellent comedy!

Awards: 18

Most Unique Rd 65

Best Character EDA Rd48
Best AntiCouple RU EDA Rd48

Best Song Use R4

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