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In Noctem 

By Nicholas  Hooper for Half  Blood Prince Soundtrack
Ferte in noctem animam meam
Illustrent stellae viam meam
Aspectu illo glorior
Dum capit nox diem
Cantate vitae canticum
Sine dolore actae
Dicite eis quos amabam
Me numquam obliturum

Carry my soul into the night
May the stars light my way
I glory in the sight
As darkness takes the day
Sing a song, a song of life
Lived without regret
Tell the ones, the ones I loved
I never will forget
Never will forget

Musical Notes
The music is  a compilation of several soundtrack pieces and an audio soundbite from one of the Harry Potter films.  Details  as  follows:

I  added  an edited section  of 'Dumbledore's Speech' from the Half Blood Prince soundtrack ,  to the introduction of 'In Noctem'  track .

  The  audio soundbite  in the middle is  Sirius  Black from Prisoner of Azkahban   "The ones that love us never truly leave us".  The  final piece of music is from a Troy Trailer composed by Justin Burnett.

Awards: 27

Best Overview Rd23
Best Angst Rd23
Best Song Rd23

Best Angst Rd43
Best POV Rd43
Best Angst RU Best of the Best

Best Hero Rd2

Most Moving RU R7
Atmosphere RU R7

Best POV R41
Best Editor RU  R41


Honrable Mention AED Rd8

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