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Peter Quill, or you may know him as Starlord  forms an unlikely band of misfits to create The Guardians of the Galaxy (overview.) Song by Muse . Edited April 2016
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Character study of Thor & their relationship through Loki's eyes. Sense the jealousy , resentment  &  possibly love  towards  the Golden Boy.(Thor, Avengers Thor The Dark World) Song by Natalie Merchant.Edited October 2014
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After the Battle for New York, Tony is suffering from PTSD, like the Mk 42 he's falling apart. Pepper is the one thing he can't live without. Pepper/Tony vid (Iron Man I,II,III  & Avengers) Song performed by One RepublicEdited June 2014 Lyrics
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Loki of Asgard,  causing mischief, mayhem and murder,  as  he attempts  to conquer Midgard. You know, he's feeling good. Song Performed by Muse. Edited Dec 2012.
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Loki character study from the film Thor (2011) His discovery of  his true origins  & descent into madness. Song by A Perfect Circle . Edited Sept 2012 Lyrics & awards
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Action/Character Study of Tony Stark, his alterego - Iron Man and his ego. Song by One Republic. Edited February 2012 Lyrrics & awards
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