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Meet the Safe cracking , drunken Store Santa. He is bad in so many ways. Warning for adult content. Film is 'Bad Santa' Music is performed by Bob Dylan.Edited Dec 2014  Lyrics
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Take a trip to the enchanted Land of Snow -  swords and sorcery, fairytales, magic & fantastical beasts. Multifandom film vid. Music is Waltz of the Snowflakes by Tchaikovsky.Runs over 5 minutes hence the file sizes.   Edited Jan '12.
Music /Fandom Notes
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Take a Sleigh Ride with the crew and passengers of Serenity.  Brief nostalgic and fun look at Firefly for the holiday season. This version of the song is performed by The Andrew Sisters.  Edited Dec '11  Lyrics
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It's Christmas Eve and Harry and Hermione reflect on absent friends and family. Source mainly from Deathly Hallows Pt1. Song is by Damien Rice/Lisa Hannigan. Edited Dec'11  Lyrics
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Advent  vidlet  for Supernatural. Castiel , Angel of the Lord seeks God.Will he find him? Song is by Enya  Edited November '11  Lyrics
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Cute song  for a Multifandom video. Song by Orba Squara. Source films are 'Shrek the Halls', 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', The Polar Express',  'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'  and 'Ice Age'. Edited Dec '10  Lyrics
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Seasonal overview of the first four Harry Potter movies. Music is 'Carol of the Bells' performed by the Vienna Boys ChoirMade for Ellie in December '08   Lyrics & Awards
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Episodic of Amends,  all the angst and none of the snow. 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, let nothing you dismay'  yet Angel is more than dismayed to be haunted by his past victims f. Buffy is drawn into his nightmares.  Edited 12/06  Music is TransSiberian Orchestra 'Christmas Eve - Sarajevo'.  Music Notes & Awards
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 Buffy makes out her Wish list to Santa. A fun vid to Eartha Kitt's version of the song 'Santa Baby'.  Edited  Dec '04  Lyrics & Awards
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Fairly angst free episodic of Amends,  just focusing on the pretty white stuff.  Song performed by Dean Martin .Edited Dec '04 - Remastered 2011  Lyrics & Awards
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