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Alive by Sa Dingding

last winter was cold ya, summer rainy ya, and wet ya

in autumn, from a distant place came your voice, warm ya, warm ya

you said that behind the house at that time was vast vast vast white snow ya

in the valley a golden flag waved in a great wind ya

I saw a mountain hawk, flying over two lonely fish

two fish that have passed through salty-as-the-sea river water

some river water that fell and broke upon people

people who were walking with the ash of hawks falling on their bodies

 ya- is a random sound.

Kindly translated by dustthouart at Livejournal     -    Alive Sa Dingding




Vidder: Andrea  - BHA Atmosphere RU
Video: Alive
Comments: What a beautiful video. I liked how simple you kept the effects and editing. It showed off the source material well.

Awards: 47

Most Sensual Rd17
Best Romance Rd17
Best Couple Rd17
Best Drama RU Rd17

Best  Relationship Rd22
Best Editing RU Rd22

Best Editing RU Rd9
Best Drama RU Rd9

Most Moving RU Rd38

Visually Stunning Rd9
Most Sensual Rd9
Alluring Couple Rd9
Action RU Rd9
Haunting RU Rd9

Best Action Rd23
Best Storyline RU Rd23
Most Original RU2 Rd23

Best Overview R7
Best Music RU R7
best Drama Honorable Mention R7

Best Relationship RU Rd1
Best  Drama Rd1

Best Romance R4
Best Editing RU R4
Best Action RU R4

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