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I wanted to use  the composers  music in this vid but not rely just one those pieces selected for  the score in the film itself.

After going through my entire collection of Mozart piano concertos I settled on these three, the vid itself being structured as a concerto with three movements - each with it's own  tempo  I like to think they worked well to portray the mood for each video movement.
The music is a medley of  Mozart's piano concertos - K482 3rd Movement, K271 2nd Movement and K449 3rd Movement

Awards: 24

Best Music  Mar 09
Most Unique  Mar 09
Best Song Use Mar 09

Best Character R9
Best Idea RU R9
Best Overview RU R9
Best Music Use RU2 R9
Most Original RU R9

Best Idea Rd12

Best Music RU Rd21
Best POV RU Rd21

Best Music RU R28

Best Music Use RU Rd3

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